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Italian citizenship through legal proceeding

Pioneering, experienced, and skilled Italian Attorneys-at-Law. This combination is Gobbi Consultoria’s key for success.

The possibility to obtain your Italian citizenship through legal proceeding before the Court of Rome is a fantastic opportunity for your and relatives getting your Italian Citizenship.
This can be done before the Court of Rome, by means of a power of attorney to our attorneys-at-law.
You do not need to travel to Italy; thus, you will save lots of money from trips, lodging, transport and the like. And you can track and trace the whole process through the Internet.
The time and manner of this process has been simplified. This means it will occur in summary proceeding and will have only one hearing!
Gobbi Consultoria counts on a respectful attorney-at-law group together with the Court of Rome. Attorney fees are divided into 12 installments.
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Check some of our countless final judgments from the Court of Rome in processes of Italian Citizenship through Legal Proceeding.