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Gobbi's History

Everything begins with a great dream, but only the work and too much dedication make the dream Reality.


Gobbi Assessoria & Consultoria has started after helping many friends.

With a mature desire to build a business that made us proud, that made a difference in other people's lives, our dream came true and today, after years of success, Gobbi Consultoria & Assessoria is the best choice for those who need it of a specialized team to assist you in obtaining the dreamed dual citizenship. ..

And more than 2,000 citizenships have been delivered over the last few years, becoming one of the largest consulting companies in recognition of Italian citizenship.

Most Brazilians dream of obtaining dual citizenship, but after having studied everything on the subject and have all the documents, comes the question: And now, what do I do?

The next steps even seem easy when you read, but in practice everything gets much more complicated.

So the best solution is to find a good consultant to assist you in this process,
which for many is only a return to origins, for others, the opportunity for a new life.
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