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Gobbi Consultoria is a pioneer in the process to have your Italian citizenship through legal proceeding

Meet this excellent choice to obtain your Italian Citizenship
(with no trips and spending less money)


Services rendered in Brazil

* Family Tree query for certificates in Brazil and abroad
* Court Rectification
* Gathering of Certificates
* Sworn Translation
* Hague Apostille (more information)
* Certificate of Naturalization before the Ministry
* AIRE requests submission (more information)
*Passport Scheduling before the Italian Consulate
* Naturalization through marriage 


Services Rendered in Portugal

* Portuguese Citizenship (more information)
* Enrollment at Professional Board (more information)
* Diploma Validation in Portugal
* Scholar Exchange Program 


Services Rendered in Italy

* Italian Citizenship recognition through administrative remedy
* Court Acknowledgement through Action before the Court of Rome (more information)
* Citizenship through Maternity as of 01/01/1948

More information 

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Italian citizenship through legal proceeding

The possibility to obtain your Italian citizenship through legal proceeding before the Court of Rome is a fantastic opportunity for you and relatives getting your Italian Citizenship.

More Information.


Learn who has the right to the Italian citizenship

Learn who has the right, which documents are mandatory,
and how to get them.

More Information.


Are you eligible for the Portuguese citizenship?

Being a European Union citizen means to live and work in any country within the economical block; thus having all the rights and duties of who have been born in the Old World.

More Information.


Should you need any Certificate in Italy, meet our partner

Willing to facilitate your life, we made a partnership with the online service “Certidão na Itália.”

Access the website and place your order. 

More Information.


Are you willing to go to Portugal for working in there?

If you are willing to go to Portugal to work, you will need more than your studies certificate.
We can help you.

More Information.

What our clients are saying?

More than 2000 citizenship orders have been done. More than 12 years of experience with Italian, and Portuguese Citizenships orders. 

I thank everyone at Gobbi for their service to my needs. I highly recommend the service for its efficiency, liability and assistance.

I have received an outstanding assistance from the beginning to the end of the process. The services were fast and you can tell their expertise. I am thankful for everything.

In addition, I must say Italy is beautiful and Reggio Calabria is simply marvelous.
Thank you very much.

Gobbi cidadania is a serious company with a great customer service. I highly recommend this company!! Thanks to Gobbi cidadania for everything!

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